• Industrial Design

    Based in the vibrant city of Basel. With a keen eye for aesthetics, a passion for innovation, and a drive for pushing boundaries in design and engineering.

    Strive to design captivating goals that leave a lasting impact. #Sports #Pharma #Textiles #Defence #Space

  • Produktionspartner Schweiz

    At BSB Media, people with and without disabilities work together as a team. We pull together and maintain the quality of our services collectively. Out of conviction, we invest in the training of young people who need support when starting their professional careers.

    Together we make an important contribution to our society.

  • Theoko GmbH Verified by GS1

    GS1 Switzerland Annual Licence

    GS1 Switzerland Annual LicenseThe GTIN Registry is a tool within the GS1 System (Worldwide) for the structured capture, management and presentation of product data, offline and online, and for the exchange of this data in e-commerce.

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